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[ Trencher ]

(Player Spotlight) - Chuck Coates #72 - Trencher - OT, DT, and Specialty Teams. *Ironman Player, (RIP)

Chuck was 6'4" and 185 lbs. He was a member of our close-knit trench crew. Though he was large in stature his personality was even larger. Chuck stood out on the 1984 team not just for his play but, for his personality. The most likeable guy I ever played alongside on the gridiron. He was one of the few players who could always draw a laugh from you, even when we were playing a tough game, the play on the field was rough, and you were tired and physically hurting. Chuck could still make you smile, and everyone on the team relied on him to lighten the mood when we needed it. Sadly, we lost Chuck about 5 years ago. RIP, Chuck. Looking back almost 30 years later the perfect nickname for Chuck would be "Jolly" because he was a giant trencher who was always in a good mood. I do not think I ever saw him get upset on the fiel. Chuck was our sixth trencher on offense, in that he swapped out playing left or right offensive tackle when Joe Leonard or Christopher Stiltner needed a break or were injured. Chuck filled the void perfectly. He never missed a beat or a block, and he was as good of a tackle as there was in our section. Chuck also saw plenty of action on the defensive line as a trencher. He hustled and never backed down. When the gridiron play was merciless, Chuck dug in deeper and hit harder. I am honored I shared the field with him because he made the game fun. Thanks for the memories, Chuck. You took names.

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This is the Home of the undefeated 1984 Vanden Vikings Football Team's true story.

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