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(Player Spotlight) - Chris Stiltner #70, - Right Tackle, Defensive Tackle, and Specialty Teams. *3-Year Varsity Player. *Ironman Player. *Two-way Starter

Chris was the only junior on the starting line in 1984. He was our right tackle, and anchored the right side of the line with Mark Baranowski. They worked very well together. Chris was 6'0" and 190 lbs. He had started on the varsity level as a sophomore also and spent three years in the trenches anchoring the offense and defense. Chris was a two-way starter and rarely left the field. He was on all specialty teams. Chris was a natural athlete and the most all-around athletic trencher on both sides of the line, and as durable as they came. He was an all-star catcher on Vanden's varsity baseball team, and he incorporated those skills on the gridiron. Chris joined us throughout the summer of 1984, doing drills and wind sprints in preparation for the upcoming season. Chris was quick off the ball, aggressive, and very tough to beat one on one. He was one of the best at what he did and he was a big reason why we went undefeated that season. Chris was probably the steadiest player we had on the line. He kept his emotions more in check than the rest of us. We needed that. Chris played like a senior when he was still a sophomore. He matured before his time. If Chris got beat on a play, which was rare, he did a gut check and made sure the opposing player paid the price on the next snap. On goal line defense, Chris was an unmovable rock and plugged his hole, making it impossible to penetrate for paydirt on his side of the line. Chris was my compadre in 1984, and I am thankful he was a member of our close-knit trench crew. I never played with or against a more natural offensive or defensive tackle than Chris. He was extremely fierce in the trenches, and his endurance level was untouchable. Thanks for the memories, Chris. You took names. The lower left photo depicts Chris starting as the left tackle his sophomore year during the 1983 season, and I am pictured next to him as the left guard.

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This is the Home of the undefeated 1984 Vanden Vikings Football Team's true story.

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"We Took Names - The Time of Vikings, Friends and Family"

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