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[ Quarterback and Offense Captain ]

(Player Spotlight) - Ron Beverly, Jr. #10 - [Offense Captain] - Quarterback, Defensive Back and Specialty Teams. *3-Year Varsity Starter. *Ironman Player. *Two-way Starter *Leader of the TTB—Triple Threat Backfield

Ronnie was our starting quarterback in 1984 and a Captain on the team. His dad, Ronald Beverly, was our Head Coach. Ronnie started in 1983 too, as a sophomore. He was a three-year starting varsity quarterback at Vanden. I started playing football with Ronnie in 1982 when he was our freshman quarterback on the undefeated 9-0 and unscored-upon JV football team at Vanden. Ronnie was the all-around best athlete on the team in 1984 because he could throw, run, catch, and stick you so you felt it the next day. Ronnie was fast, and could juke linebackers and defensive backs easily, and he was a nightmare for quarterbacks when playing cornerback. Being a quarterback himself Ronnie could read what an opposing passer might do. Ronnie intercepted many of their passes. In three years (83—85) as the starting varsity quarterback, Ronnie threw for 3476 yards. He is still the 3rd all-time passer at Vanden, in 50 years of records. Ronnie is also 4th on the list for total yards gained (83—85)—4079—and he is the 3rd for 36 passing touchdowns (83—85). He also holds the 8th and 9th records for single season passing yards, 1205 and 1171 in (83 and 85). In 1984, Ronnie threw for 1100 yards (only because Bryan our tailback and Maurice our fullback were busy eating up the ground game), his lowest of the three seasons he started, and he rushed for 660 yards, combining for 1760 total yards himself. Our final year together Ronnie threw for 13 touchdowns, rushed for another 10 TDs and threw only five interceptions. Ronnie was cool under pressure and never got rattled. He read defenses masterfully and ran a quarterback option that was text book. He was picked the small school player of the year for the state of California. I once saw Ronnie get hit by three opposing players on their goal line, spin through the air like a helicopter, land straight on his head and twist his neck, then bounce up and trot back to the huddle. Tough as nails. That was Ronnie. Thanks for the memories, Ronnie. You took names.

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This is the Home of the undefeated 1984 Vanden Vikings Football Team's true story.

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"We Took Names - The Time of Vikings, Friends and Family"

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