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(Player Spotlight) - Maurice Gwinn #40 - Fullback, Nose Guard, and Specialty Teams. *Ironman Player *Member of the TTB—Triple Threat Backfield

Maurice was our starting fullback in 1984. He was 5'10" and 204 lbs. He was the heaviest player on the team. Maurice came to Vanden prior to the 1983 season. As our starting fullback Maurice ran up the gut like a bull. He was fast, had quick moves, and was hard to take down. Maurice was one of the best fullbacks in California. He could do it all on the gridiron. When opposing teams concentrated on stopping Ron Beverly, Jr., our quarterback, or Bryan Batchan, our tailback, Maurice quickly made a name for himself as the third offensive threat. During the season he rushed for 640 yards and 7 touchdowns. He caught an additional 94 yards in passes, combining for a total of 734 yards. In Game 7 against St. Patrick's when the Pats were busy trying to shut down Ronnie and Bryan, Maurice stepped up and rushed for 130 yards on 10 carries for two touchdowns. Maurice was a jovial player and a brute of a fullback. On Friday mornings before a game the entire 1984 team and coaches would meet on Travis AFB at church for a morning service. That service was led by Maurice's dad. I enjoyed those times, and it was during those services that I noticed Maurice got his outgoing personality from his father. In 1984, Maurice made a name for himself running up the gut and over linebackers. He ran fast, explosive, and powerfully. When not running the ball Maurice was a bulldozer as a blocker. He was the very best at what he did. Maurice did what the team needed him to do, open up a hole blocking for our tailback or quarterback, or move the ball upfield by powering over defenders. He did both extremely well. Maurice was also a nose guard on defense, a devastating pass rusher, and an anvil at shutting down the run up the middle. Thanks for the memories, Maurice. You took names.

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