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[ Cornerback ]

(Player Spotlight) - DeWayne Quinn #28 - Cornerback, Safety, Kickoff Returns, Receiver, and Specialty Teams. *Ironman Player

DeWayne played with us in 1984 on the varsity squad as a sophomore. He lived in the same housing development as my family, and he was at our home often while we were growing up. DeWayne was liked by everyone in those days because he was always positive and smiled often. On the gridiron, though, a different persona emerged. He was a fierce competitor. He would run back kickoffs or punts, played as a defensive back or receiver. There was not one thing DeWayne could not do on the football field that season. He was very fast with quick moves, he hit hard, took punishment well, and was a ferocious tackler. He was a tough kid who never complained but got the job done. He did exactly what the team needed him to do, perform flawlessly. Dewayne was a multi-talented player. If we needed a tailback, he could handle that job, too. Short of the trenches because he did not have the weight, DeWayne could play anywhere on the team, on either side of the ball. One thing I see 30 years later is that he was a good kid who loved the game of football. We were blessed to have shared the gridiron with him, and he was an important member of the 1984 undefeated Vanden Vikings SCAL and Sac-Joaquin Section Championship team. Thanks for the memories, DeWayne. You took names.

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This is the Home of the undefeated 1984 Vanden Vikings Football Team's true story.

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