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[ Cornerback ]

(Player Spotlight) - David Reyes #24 - Cornerback and Specialty Teams

David played football with us for four years, starting in 1980. He missed only his junior season. David played on three undefeated teams starting with the Travis Redskins in 1980 at 11-0, the 1982 9-0 and unscored-upon JV team and the 1984 12-0 Section Champs. The teams David played on went 39-0-2. He was a smaller football player but that did not dictate his play. He would drive through a defender with a hit and bury him in the turf. Dave was "Mr. Hustle." He hustled and played 110% each play. David played cornerback and made passes in his territory hard to catch. He was like his older brother Frank Reyes, just a little smaller. David made a big impact when he delivered a hit on a much larger opponent. I saw him deliver a ruthless stick against a tight end that was about 10 inches taller and 100 lbs. heavier. David stuck the tight end as he attempted to catch a pass but dropped it. The player hit the turf hard and when he got up he limped off the field. That was the type of play from my teammates. They dug down deep and stepped up to every challenge they faced on the gridiron. David liked the challenge of taking it to bigger players and those who underestimated him paid for it. Seventeen years after the 1984 season, David and I went to Vanden to watch a football game. We met a teacher from when we were students there, Birdie Valmore. She recognized us. In talking with her she said she missed the kids from the 1980's. She said it was a good time. As I listened to her and David talk I reminisced about those days. They were glorious. They were the time of Vikings, friends and family. Thanks for the memories, David. You took names.

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This is the Home of the undefeated 1984 Vanden Vikings Football Team's true story.

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"We Took Names - The Time of Vikings, Friends and Family"

History should remember them.

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