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Coach Bev's comments about the Team and Season

(Coach Spotlight) - Ronald "Bev" Beverly, (RIP)

Coach Bev was in his third year of leading the Vanden varsity squad in 1984. He was an alumnus of Vanden and a former standout athlete there. Coach Bev played on Vanden's very first football team in 1964, and he scored the very first touchdown for the school. He not only scored the very first touchdown at Vanden, he coached the very first undefeated football team twenty-one years later. His son, Ron Beverly, Jr., was our starting quarterback on the undefeated championship team. From a player's perspective, Coach Bev was Mr. Football. He was a student of the game and a master of developing a football team. Coach Bev was our mentor who taught the players values that mattered off the field. Coach Bev stressed hustling, aggression, and playing from whistle to whistle. He wanted us to be perfect. Conditioning and perfection were two values he stressed. Under his guidance the 1984 Vanden 12-0 football team was more prepared physically and mentally than any team we faced. That was as a direct result of Coach Bev pushing us. In 1984, he transitioned the offensive backfield from the wishbone to the I formation. Coach Bev was admired by his players because though he was firm, he was always fair. In 1984, we couldn't have had a better coach to lead, guide, and mold us into football players, into an undefeated championship team and men. Coach Bev has forever earned my gratitude and respect for his guidance as our mentor our championship season. He was patient with us when we struggled to learn his offensive scheme even though he demanded perfection. Sometimes we would keep re-doing one offensive play a dozen times in a row or more, until we got it perfect. During Hell week, Coach Bev had us do three-a-day practices versus the two other teams were doing, so we could learn his new offensive and defensive changes. Coach Bev was right: conditioning and perfect practices would make champions. During games he was a steady leader on the sidelines and knew the right interaction with the players to gain the best performance from the team and from each individual player. Coach Bev was Mr. Football and a great Skipper. Thanks for the memories, Coach. You took names.

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This is the Home of the undefeated 1984 Vanden Vikings Football Team's true story.

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